What your child will need

We have been running camps since 2007 and our aim to ensure your child enjoys each day of the school holidays.

We offer a range of activities, child are encouraged to join in all that’s on offer but an alternativeis always made available so a choice can be made. Please note that activities may need to be changed due to weather or ratios this will only been done with the best interest of all children. Fresh water is provided all day for all children. Milk & juice is provided at Snack times all snacks are provided by Holidaytime.

Swim Caps/Hats - All swimmers must wear a swim cap this must be put on before entering the pool. Please don’t expect your child’s teacher to do this. We do sell Swim cap’s on pool side for £3.00 each. Our Swim Hats only come in one size.
Goggles - Only children in level 3 and up are allowed to wear goggles and they must be of a suitable standard. For example We do not sell Goggles or swim wear.
Swim Wear For Girls - Girls of all ages must only wear theses styles of swim wear only example 1 (insert picture) or Example 2 (insert picture). Example 1 is preferred.
Swim Wear For Boys - Boys of all ages must have a style as below (insert picture). or .(insert picture) NO board shorts. ALL shorts must be at least 3 inches above the knee. These styles are strictly NOT to be worn at anytime as these item’s are beach wear and NOT acceptable when learning to swim at Splashtime swim school.

These type of items are NOT suitable for lessons at Splashtime swim school. or We also request you do not place underwear under your child’s swimwear as this stop it being hygienic. Any child wearing underwear under swimming costumes/shorts will not be allowed in the pool.